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Feet Please!

Feet . . . they’re easy to take for granted, but it’s hard to get anywhere without them. And when they hurt, it can be tough to concentrate on anything else.

When you locomote properly, you use your whole body more efficiently. Losing mobility in your feet, changes your gait and can have an impact on your knees, hips, back and all the way up your body.

This is a big reason why we ALWAYS do feet work in all of our classes – yoga, Pilates and Barre! We focus on stretching the muscles of the lower legs, as well as the top and bottom surfaces of the feet, and exercises to mobilize your feet. We employ stretches and myofascial release – with a ball, our feet savers, or a roller. These are good for your feet and to help manage painful conditions like plantar fasciitis, an injury to the sole of your foot that comes from overuse.

Talk to us about which stretches are right for you and join a class to see the amazing things you can do to work your feet. Once you do, it feels like you get to walk on sunshine every day!

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