Emerald Pilates Instructors

Di – Instructor/Studio Owner

My name is Di Dall ’Oglio. I live in Emerald with my hubbie Mark and three children who are growing up way too fast!

I have been teaching fitness/movement for half of my life, starting as an “Aerobics Instructor” in the early 1990’s! I have been teaching Pilates since 2003, but required a detailed understanding of the method.

In 2014, I studied a higher level Pilates and gained qualifications recognised by the Australian Pilates Method Association.

Throughout my whole career I have loved teaching and Pilates the most. I believe Pilates is the fountain of youth, It makes me feel flexible, strong, tall and mobile in my body, as well as clear minded, calm and happy.

It has always been my dream to have my own Pilates Studio, and to help others discover the magic of Pilates and the way it can be life changing.

As a teacher and student, I am completely passionate about the Pilates method.

Wendy –Pilates & Barre Teacher

I was born in South Africa, have danced since the age of 10, and became a dance teacher 25 years ago. Pilates was always very central to my dance training, always working towards to the mid-line of the body.

After moving to Melbourne, I became mum of two, and devoted myself to my family. I live in Selby & love the peaceful lifestyle of the hills.

Always having had a passion for movement & exercise, I became a group fitness instructor once the kids started school, teaching Body Balance and Pilates, and more recently, Barre Attack.

I also practices Irish dance (with my daughter), as I am unable to stop dancing!

I am excited to begin a new journey with Di & Sarah at Emerald Pilates.

Laura – Pilates & Barre Teacher

As a registered holistic nutritionist with a passion for health and wellness, over the last year, I have come to really appreciate the place that Pilates and Barre play in my life: a place of more control and precision, finesse and elegance; a new way of centring, a new way of movement, a new way of body awareness.

Fitness and exercise have been a part of my life since I was a young child, mainly in the form of long distance running.  Today, I continue my journey as a competitive long distance runner, but have seen first-hand the balance and benefits that Pilates and Barre can add to this passion.

I see wellness as a complete, holistic ensemble and love teaching others and helping them find all the components to create the best version of themselves.  As such, I spend my time as a freelance writer, contributing to health and wellness sites and maintaining my own food and health blog.  In addition, I consult clients; teach workshops and present at corporate wellness events.  Together, with educating, teaching, creating food and practising my own fitness, I seek to embody and demonstrate a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that anyone can make into their own.

If you don’t find me in the kitchen, I’ll be out running on the trails by the ocean, engaging in my passion for travel as I explore a new part of the world, or taking on a new crazy challenge and adventure. I’m all about trying new (hard) things.

Join me, or any of the other amazing instructors at Emerald Pilates, and you will be taking the first step towards achieving your own healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  And I can’t wait to help you reach your goals.

Laura Cox – Pilates Teacher

My name is Laura Cox, and I am a new found lover of Pilates.

I am a qualified Physiotherapist, currently working in aged care. I found my way into physiotherapy from my own experiences with injuries through dance, and resolved that being able to help others with their pain would be an amazing career to have. In aged care, a lot of my work focuses around pain management, falls prevention and improving mobility.

I decided I would like to branch out a bit more, and learn new skills that I can implement in my working life to help my clients, as I want to eventually split my time between aged care and other areas of physiotherapy, such as women’s health. As part of this skill acquisition, I ventured into Pilates. I didn’t realise before I started how much it would benefit not just only my clients but myself as well! I therefore went on to study reformer Pilates, in order to better myself as well as add another level to my treatments. I love that Pilates is a way of not only making yourself stronger and healthier, but can also be a great way to address muscular imbalances, reduce pain, and allow for a safe return to exercise from injury.

In my spare time, I competitively Irish dance (and have been doing so since I was 6), and enjoy going for walks with my husband and trying new things.

I am excited to be starting this new journey, and hope to learn a lot from both the other amazing instructors but also from all of you, however you may come to be involved with Emerald Pilates.

Madii – Pilates Teacher

Madii is an emerging Pilates teacher who has an upbeat, curious and informative approach to teaching. She started her Pilates journey at 19, wanting to address her posture and alignment issues. Madii has experienced multiple structural pathologies in her body all her life, but with Pilates, there was a shift. Two years ago she eagerly became a regular client at Emerald Pilates. It was here that her natural interest and passion for the Pilates concept was nurtured and encouraged. She is completing the Integrated Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology with Tensegrity Training. Madii believes that bodies are beautifully diverse, and the endless possibility of Pilates allows us to cater for that individuality.

Mel – Pilates Teacher

My name is Melissa Fairburn, I am the very proud mother of two amazing boys. My passion for health, fitness and well being stems from my many years of playing netball and working as a group fitness instructor and seeing the benefits that movement can have on a person.

I teach Body Balance, Barre, Water Aerobics, Body Pump, and Mat Pilates. I am currently completing a diploma of Clinical Pilates and I am enjoying gaining a deeper understanding of the benefits of movement on both the body and the mind.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and meeting up with friends. I also enjoy training for and playing netball.

I look forward to meeting you all and helping you achieve your personal goals.