Pilates and Posture: What you Need to Know

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Pilates and Posture: What you Need to Know

“I want to improve my posture.”

Many of our clients list “improved posture” as a goal – which is probably the best, and perhaps the only goal you need with regard to improving your body.

So, what is “good” posture? Good posture if not about being able to hold your body in a good shape when you think about it – having good posture is about having your muscles and connective tissue balanced with optimal resting length so the good shape is naturally embodied when you DON’T think about it – good posture becomes the “new normal”.

The flow on effects of having good posture are incredible – your whole body will work better – all bodily systems have space – you breathe easier as your thoracic bones and muscles are not jammed up; your nerves are not constricted, you move easier, there is less wear and tear on joints, your digestion improves, your circulation improves, and you just feel confident, happy, proud. The effect on mental and emotional health are fantastic – walking tall and feeling pain free in your body reduces stress and anger.

Pilates, yoga and barre are all about improving posture – muscles are balanced and there are no faulty relationships of various body parts.

Reduce the tug of war in your body – free your mind and get happy – posture.

Try this 1-3 minute awareness exercise, for the next 21 days to start your new year off on the right track:
▪️Stand tall, feet under your hips, heels behind your big toe, inside edges of your feet lifted.
▪️Thighs pulled up, glutes slightly squeezed, hands by your sides, shoulders down from your ears and slightly squeezed together at the back, neck long.
▪️Breathe deep and each time you breathe out, narrow your ribs together!

Through this work, you will feel energized and ready to go, as well as calm and happy.


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