Shoulders: The Forgotten Joint

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Shoulders: The Forgotten Joint

Modern motion is so limited and is based so much on repeated patterns that we have eliminated the shoulders from their designed function.

We assume our shoulders are working fine – because they are not working much at all. It comes as a shock when we ask the joint to do something simple and end up in pain instead.

Things our shoulders are involved in and we should be able to do:

  • Get up and down off the floor
  • Throw a ball
  • Weight-bear overhead
  • Pull and push a heavy object
  • Put our hands on our heads
  • Do up a bra at the back
  • Reach for our seatbelt
  • Swing while we walk.

The key to defeating shoulder pain is to rediscover function. Functions are never totally lost – they may have been misplaced – but they can be found again. Often, though, not without some hard searching.

We can help you re-discover your shoulder function and go through the searching with you. We understand movement, function and range of your shoulders – we know what they should be able to do. We help you move passively into range – testing, trying and finding out what you can do – while simultaneously releasing tight muscles and continuing to work on this with you. We work all the muscles around your shoulders so there is balance and your shoulders can happily live where they are meant to be.

If you have stiffness, pain, or reduced function in your shoulders – or know someone who has – come see us. WE help you to find confidence to move your shoulders again. Come see us!

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