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Getting Started

Please read the important information to help you on your way to your Pilates journey.

We welcome you to our wonderful Studios at Emerald Pilates. Studio 2 is where we hold our clinical/rehabilitative classes, and Studio 1 is where we hold our Reformer and Barre classes, as well as our heated yoga classes. Please note – we can also do very strong Pilates repertoire – not just restorative work in Studio 2.

If you have not done Equipment based Pilates before, for example, The Reformer Bed, or Studio/Clinical Pilates, and/or if you have any concerns/injuries with your body, you will need to do an Initial Consultation with us. This is our opportunity to get to know each other – to discover your reasons and interest in Pilates, and for you to get to know us – our style of teaching, the types of services we provide, and our studio policies and etiquette. We like to get things right so we can take great care of you. The Initial consultation is 1 hour.

If you have done Reformer or Clinical/Studio Pilates before you may not need an initial consultation, however we would like to make time for a phone conversation so we can get to know each other, and ensure the onboarding process for you is smooth.

To book your initial session please contact us – either phone, or send a message to 0407 049 478, or an email to info@emeraldpilates.com.au – we make an appointment for you to come in and meet us, where you will discuss your goals/needs, determine a suitable class style for you, go over your form that we email you prior to your appointment, and we show you how our booking system works. You will also get an opportunity to use the equipment. If you don’t feel quite ready to join one of our small group classes, then we can arrange a few private sessions if you feel you need it.

We will review the studio policies with you, particularly our 24 hour cancellation policy, what to bring to classes, our pricing packages and their expiry dates (see pricing for more information).

We help you make sure you receive your notices/reminders about bookings, and that we have your contact details correct and preference on reminders – for example, email, text, or both.

We also make sure we have your emergency contact person details correct.

Classes need to have a minimum of 3 people booked in for the class to proceed. We will give you minimum 24 hours’ notice if the class is cancelled, and will help you book into a different class.

To learn more about the classes we have on offer and how Pilates can fit into your life, visit our services page. Once you have decided you are ready to give Pilates a try, contact us and we will help you get started!