Introducing Linda!

Linda has been doing Pilates with us for 12 months. She arrived with knee pain and plantar fasciitis, and needed lots of help with her posture, balance and strength. She was so scared to stand on the Reformer, but trusted us to help her. Today she is doing standing splits on the Reformer and walking taller – partly because of physical improvement, but also because her confidence has improved!

We are SO proud of Linda and you are a credit to yourself for improving your body. Linda has been attending classes with us twice a week, and really enjoying yourself. She is the proof that consistency and hard work pays off!

Linda Delaney

Ray – seriously, such a legend! One of our weekly regulars, Ray has just celebrated his 70th Birthday . . . but really he is like a 30-year old. Always active Ray spends is time skiing, dressage riding, trail riding, travelling, and heading out on all kinds of adventures. Pilates has allowed him to maintain the strength to do what he loves and he Ray is such a great example of what Pilates can do for all of us: help us age successfully, and like we aren’t even getting older! Pilates gives your body and mind what it needs to do LIFE, and to live the life that you want. Thanks so much Ray for hanging out with us every week.

Ray Tyshing

“After a fall off my horse in February 2017, (I’ll never forget Valentine’s Day!), I ended up with a fractured back in three places. Sadly as we get older we don’t bounce any more. Once the fractures were healed, I started with many sessions of deep tissue massage, acupuncture, heat and infrared therapy to loosen the muscles that were jammed. I was completely unstable, and riding was an issue because my balance was not great.
I decided to try Pilates, and I hated but loved it all the same. It’s helped with my riding, and my all over wellbeing. Di is such an inspiration, and pushes us to be our best. Aside from regular chiropractic sessions, Pilates is the only exercise I use to keep my body going. If you haven’t been, go, you’ll be surprised how great your body can work!”

Thanks Di and the amazing team she has created for us all.

Claudia Gilbert

I have found the yoga classes an excellent way to relax and let go of things in my personal life. It is good to concentrate on balance, stretching and coordinating. The breathing exercises are quite meditative as your mind and body come into sync. I found it easy to let go of my troubles and relax with attentive positive instruction from the class facilitators. They often give examples with their body shape on how to do the movements and let you know that they are only a guide and its up to you to pick your own path in the class. The philosophy that has been taught to me from the instructors has been quite helpful and encourages peace and self love within oneself. My monkey mind can play tricks on me and get my attention but in yoga class you can switch off to that and get in-tune with the body in a meditative and challenging way physically. I enjoy the camaraderie at class with many likeminded peaceful people going to class in a welcoming and inclusive way.

Stephen Spiller