Introducing Mel!!!

Mel has been coming to us for about 5 months – here is what she has to say about us!

“I love the positive vibe at Emerald Pilates – coupled with the expert tuition and a great deal of care taken with people who are physically challenged. I always feel safe, and in the best hands. I started doing Pilates twice a week in April 2018 as I was having difficulty walking. My mobility has improved significantly, and I have learnt how to take better care of myself on a daily basis.”

Melanie Byrne

Michael loves coming to the studio – he loves the way we teach with attention to detail, our professionalism and consideration. He is feeling more energetic and has better movement. Michael is feeling a great sense of wellness generally, and enjoys learning about the body and how it works.

This perfectly sums up the way we teach at Emerald Pilates – we really care for all our clients, we are educative and supporitive, and help you get out of pain and get into wellness and feel amazing – to get the best out of life and enjoy it.

Michael Collins

This amazing lady has been doing Pilates with us for just 3 months – we are working on rehab for shoulders, knees and feet – Chris is getting amazing results –– here is what she says about us:

“Emerald Pilates is great because It is empowering, strengthening and also relaxing, I feel much stronger and have better movement, and I love Di’s enthusiasm!”

We love having Chris – and her daughter Suzanne, and husband Michael – at the studio – they are all consistent, and serious about improving her body and quality of life – with a great dose of humour she attends classes and – here is the best part – can walk down hills now without having to use her husband as her brake! – she has learnt how to decelerate by using her leg muscles, core and glutes – so amazing! Great work Chris!

Chris Collins

Sarah originally came due to intense back pain and discomfort as the result of multiple back operations. Without relief from these conventional methods, she was looking elsewhere for an answer.

Pilates has provided her with this relief and the answer she needed, and has changed her life. In addition, Sarah is currently doing some rehabilitation from a shoulder operation, and is going really well. Perhaps best of all though, SARAH IS OFF ALL PAIN MEDICATION!

“Pilates is uplifting, and provides a positive experience. It helps me focus and feel my body,” says Sarah. “It is the only thing that has got me walking properly, and enjoying it due to less back pain. I am off all medication and have more energy. I can’t wait for shoulder to be 100% again so I can ride my horse”.

Sarah Bliss

Jen has been doing Pilates with us since February 2048. She came due to back pain, and also wanted to improve her riding. Jen comes consistently, every Friday morning at 6.30am. And as a result, she hardly ever has back pain now!

But the thing she has noticed the most, is the amazing improvement in her riding, Stronger and more balanced, she has more confidence and enjoys it more and her horse is happy too!

Jen was telling us this with such a big smile on her face, and it was a great moment shared by everyone in the class that morning. We love having Jen as a client, and we LOVE what we do – every day! In fact, many “’Jen” moments happen at Emerald Pilates!

Jen Knoetze