What is Mindful Movement?

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What is Mindful Movement?

Mindful Movement – what is it?

It is feeling the body, the breath, our place or position in space and what we are touching, e.g., the floor with our feet, our spine on the mat etc.

We- can be very “yang”– which is awesome – the feeling of energy, puffing hard, workout our muscles and feeling our heartbeat is the reinforcement of our aliveness!

Moving into a more “yin” state, or slow form of exercise can be challenging to adapt to – we may not connect comfortably with some of the movements – we tend to enjoy moving the body quickly or not at all.

The more we practice slower, concentrated movements, the more we may begin to explore this resistance to “Mindful Movement.” Do we discover restlessness, impatience, irritation, and boredom? Is this a pattern that we do with our lives? I.e. habitually approach life at breakneck speed, and then fall into an exhausted heap?

Can this apply to our lives? Are these the same uncomfortable emotions that crop up when taking time over a piece of writing, or listening attentively to what someone else is saying in a conversation, or trying to assemble something from Ikea????????

What Mindful Movement Teaches Us?
• Paying attention
• A greater willingness to accept feelings and “lean in” rather than “runaway” or give up.
• Starting and completing tasks becomes easier
• Less tendencies to flutter from one idea, job, premise, relationship to another – more grounded.
• To feel calm and happy, present with what we are doing
• Less FOMO, or “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” sensations
• More self-acceptance and self-awareness – more self-worth and self-love
• More at ease – even during emotional turbulence

Mindful movement means doing something different—taking attention to the sensations of a state between frantic activity and stopping and leaning into the discomfort of that. It feels very alive, and very worthwhile.
All of our classes encourage you to breathe deep, to feel what you are doing, and be patient/present – we would love to help you discover this – feel free to contact us on 0407 049 478 for more information about our classes

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