Welcome to Emerald Pilates

Emerald Pilates is located in the beautiful township of Emerald, just off Kilvington Drive, behind the Emerald Fruit Barn. We offer services in Reformer Pilates, Studio (clinical) Pilates, Private sessions/Semi- Privates, boutique Barre classes, nutrition services, Pilates for horse riders, and Kids Pilates classes. We also offer heated Yoga and meditation with several classes per week in our specially designed heated space, behind the magic of the curtain! Sign up to be a student, or join the first intake of students in 2020 in our Pilates teacher training school, as part of Tensegrity Training.

We teach you how to energise, strengthen and respect your body

Our staff are educational, caring, friendly and the most positive team of people you could ever meet.

We have everything that a big city studio has – and so much more in a thriving, happy community!

The studio director Di Dall’Oglio, has 25 year’s experience of teaching people how to move, and LOVES what she does. She opened Emerald Pilates in November 2016 to provide a way for as many people as possible to experience what it feels like to THRIVE with health and energy. She holds a level 4 qualification with the Australian Pilates Method Association.

Emerald Pilates is renowned for its expert yet friendly instructors and caters to all levels from absolute beginners to other instructors looking to improve their own training.

How do we differ from other studios?

  • We encourage you to ask questions during class, and will never make you feel “silly”! For example, if you are not sure how to use your core muscles, ask us during class and we will teach you until you are 100% confident that you “get” it.
  • We will correct your form and help you find perfect alignment
  • We teach you how to FEEL the muscles you are working, and have great mind body connection
  • We explain why you need to be working certain muscles – and make sure you understand where you should be feeling it.
  • Working with us encourages mind body connection – you are continually “checking in” with your body and not allowing your mind to wander off into your to do list.
  • We make sure you stay on track – we congratulate you, we encourage you to remain consistent, and we are there for you all the way.

Emerald Nutrition Package Options

Nutrition Consultation ($110) – Perfect for those who are looking to get started on their plans for health changes or those presenting with specific symptoms and pathologies, this is a one-on-one session which is tailored to the individual. The session includes an hour initial assessment, 3 immediate “Let’s get Started steps” and an initial protocol with recommended changes; option to continue as a 3 session or 6 session packages. This option is available to be catered to a pantry, food or cooking consultation, targeting specifically how to shop or how to cook for enhanced health and energy.

Lifestyle Re(in)novation ($130) – Re-invent yourself into a healthy, sustainable version of your best self: evaluate your nutrition and lifestyle habits to allow you to make better food choices and to adopt a long-term, successful exercise and wellness routine. This is a comprehensive session which involves assessing food, mindset and movement. Using all these aspects of health and wellness, the outcome will be to put together a personalised plan for lifestyle changes that are sustainable, all-encompassing and will yield you long-term success.

Emerald Nutrition Package Options