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About Us

Emerald Pilates is warm and community-based with a focus on quality education, individual attention and real results. All of our teachers are highly trained and share a genuine passion for what they do. What makes us different, aside from our expert instructors and boutique classes, is how much we care. At Emerald Pilates, we really look after our clients and love being a part of their journey towards physical and emotional well-being.

You’re not a number at Emerald Pilates. We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients as individuals, who each have a unique physicality and their own specific needs. We have a great community at Emerald Pilates.

To get started with us, you will do an initial session – we want to know your goals, about any injuries or pathologies with your body, and show you how to book in with us. We will take through how to use the equipment, so you can hit the ground running when you come to classes and feel happy and confident.

Our initial session times are …

Mondays 8.20 pm; Tuesdays 1.15 pm, Fridays 5.30 pm and Saturdays 12.15 pm

… but of course we will find a mutually convenient time If these do not suit you!

Our class sizes are small – we have only 5 people in our Reformer Classes, 4 in our Studio Classes, 8 in Barre and 6 in Yoga/Meditation – you are really well looked after – we make sure you are really feeling the work properly and SAFELY. We are expert communicators!

Our timetable offers over 60 classes per week! We are open 7 days per week.

New people are always welcome

If you find yourself at a desk or on your feet all day, or if you simply want to increase your body awareness, get fit and de-stress. Pilates is the perfect way to re-centre and correct postural alignment, leaving the body calm, stretched and renewed.

Want fast results? Our Barre classes combine Pilates, Dance and Fitness to give you a full body workout. We help you create a longer, leaner, fitter body to be the best you can be!

Pilates for Horse Riders

Emerald Pilates has been identified by Equestrian Australia as the leader in corrective exercise for horse riders and was recently involved in providing videos for the EQIULIVIN app released in November 2018. We run our horse rider class Thursday at 8.15 pm.

For more information on our classes, please visit our CLASSES page.

Online Booking System

We have an online booking system, and will help you navigate this until you are completely confident.

Emerald Victoria is home to puffing billy, Emerald Lake Park, and has amazing walks, runs and amazing café’s. There is lots to do outdoors and it is a perfect place to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Regular Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Barre classes are the secret that many of our clients swear by to address MINDSET, NUTRITION AND EXERCISE