Class Descriptions


We have 5 Allegro 2 Reformer beds – enjoy an amazing whole body workout that will leave you feeling energised, strong, mobile and standing taller.


Barre is a low impact, high intensity workout combining the best from standing Pilates work, short cardio intervals and stretches. Great for legs, feet and glutes, abdominals, posture and arms – hard work, but accessible for everybody and all levels of fitness – GREAT fun! Emerald Pilates can have up to 8 people in this session.

Emerald Pilates -Barre Attack ®


Emerald Pilates - Studio

Using all equipment in the Studio, e.g. Reformer, Cadiallic, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrell, Small apparatus for specific purpose, e.g. injury rehab or training for something specific, e.g. running, sports specific etc. Maximum number of people is 4 per session.


Power Yoga

This  is a strong class, designed to be physically and mentally challenging. Build strength and stamina, increase flexibility. You will sweat and puff in this class, you will burn fat and feel your muscles working hard. We will ask you to challenge yourself and stick with the poses so you feel incredibly strong, invincible and calm – ready for whatever life throws at you when you are done. Although this is strong, our amazing teachers are able to accommodate everyone regardless of your yoga experience.

Emerald Pilates - Apparatus

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is a strong practise, but the poses are held for longer so you feel the full expression and look for “what else” you can find and feel in your body. We will ask you for more depth, more length and ask you to step outside your comfort zone so change occurs.

Yoga Flow/Pranayama/Meditation

Emerald Pilates - Apparatus

Combining longer held Yoga poses to find the full expression of each asana (pose); powerful and dynamic Vinyasa Flows; with meditation to still the mind and set intentions and pranayama – connecting to our vital life force – our breath. This class will make you feel completely energized, awake, yet also relaxed and ready for all the challenges we face in our daily lives.


This guided meditation class is designed for you to relax and unwind, to tune out and still your body and quiet the monkey mind, so you can find peace – to be positive, practise gratitude and mindfulness. To wash off the day, and set intentions moving forward. Meditation is life changing.



Family Pilates

Emerald Pilates - Family Pilates

Kids need Pilates – this will help them achieve great posture, flexibility and core strength, imprinting this as a habit for life

Mums, Dads and Bubs

We are SO excited to be starting a Mums, Dads and Bubs class!!

class will start from  Tuesday 20th Feb at 12.00 noon, and our fantastic Teacher Sarah Foss will be the teacher– Sarah is an Exercise Physiologist and new Mum herself – she can help you achieve your best physical health, to support you in looking after your family. You can bring your baby to class and attend to her/his needs, enjoy the company of other new parents and get what you really need – a STRONG CORE!  Babies must be at least 6 weeks old and be immunized; Mums must have clearance to participate in physical activity from their GP/Obstetrician; and also complete an  initial assessment at the studio before attending the Mums/Dads and bubs (unless you have already done Pilates with us prior to baby arriving).  Class price is $33 for a single session, or you can purchase a pack of 10 sessions for $280. Bookings can be made via the website at www.emeraldpilates.com.au or via the mind body app, search for Emerald Pilates. Please phone or email the studio if you would like more information: 0407 049 478; info@emeraldpilates.com.au

What you need to know

Wear something comfortable that you can easily move in! Please do NOT wear tights/pants with any zippers (even those secret zips) or buttons etc. – they may cause marks on the equipment etc.

Grippy socks are essential – some of the surfaces of the equipment feel much more secure in the proper Pilates/yoga grip socks – the ones from the indoor play centres are not great for Pilates as the grips on the bottom often do not reach the heels and toes – also the bed socks with the grips do not provide enough grip space under the feet. We have some socks for sale from $15 if you need to purchase a pair. Bring your clean grip socks to every session – if you forget you may provide a $2 donation and borrow a clean pair from us – the $2 will go to charity.

Please bring a small towel that you can put under your head, and a large towel to place over mats and equipment if you become sweaty from your Pilates workout. We have large and small towels available for hire for $2 donation to charity.

Bring a water bottle, and a smile!

If you have not done Pilates before, please contact the studio to make a time for an initial consultation and studio induction. If you have done Pilates, please visit the website and check the schedule. Click on the session you want and follow the instructions to book in. If you are not sure about anything, please phone and ask! (please note that when we are teaching the phone will be on silent, leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours).

Yoga and Meditation:

Anyone can practise with us, and you do not need to have any experience – we will look after you. If you have any concerns, please contact us – we are happy to discuss this with you first.
A waiver will need to be signed if it is your first class.
Please bring your own Mat to class – you can hire one of ours for $5, however this is not encouraged,  please clean the mat thoroughly  after class. We have a limited supply of Mats available for purchase.
Bolsters will be provided for meditation. Please bring your own Mat also to meditation.
Please make sure you arrive early for yoga – Once our yoga or meditation sessions have commenced, the door will be locked, and no late entry will be permitted. We will start the classes right on time. The reason for this is so that there are no distractions to the practise.
Phones will need to be turned off and no exceptions will be made to this.
We practise yoga in bare feet – please make sure your feet are clean for the amenity of others.
We will chant “OM” at the beginning and end of each yoga practise.
We are looking forward to meeting you on your mat!


Types of Sessions:

  • StudioUsing all equipment in the studio,  a personalized session specific to your goals, and needs of your body.
  • Reformer: Using the reformer for a full body workout.
  • Barre Attack ®: This is an energetic session, which is GREAT for legs, glutes, abs, posture and fitness.
  • Family Pilates: Kids need Pilates! No more book back and tech neck!


Studio  – $280  for 10 pack; $33 for single

Reformer  – $280 for 10 pack; $33 for single

Yoga/Meditation/Mat Pilates and Barre – $202 for 10 pack.

Childrens classes $150 for 10 pack; $20 for single