What do you think it would be like to feel Energised EVERY DAY? EMERALD PILATES offers everything you need to THRIVE with incredible health.
All you need to do is book in and turn up – we will take care of the rest. We have over 60 classes on our timetable. We LOVE what we do.


STUDIO PILATES Specialised system with specific personalised programs – these sessions are ideal if you have injury or pathology concerns with your body – we can help you with the rehabilitation of chronic and complex injuries, such as neck and back pain, and postural based conditions.

PRIVATE SESSIONS – Can be arranged upon request. Perfect if you want or need fast results or someone to ensure you have perfect form.


REFORMER PILATES This is a group class (max 5 participants) that is suitable for all clients, including beginners. Reformer classes use only the Reformer, provide a whole-body workout and are fun with a faster flow.


MAT PILATES Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates method, and is ideal for beginners and those who want to add to their existing fitness programs. The entire class is completed on a Mat, on the floor, incorporating the use of small props such as balls and TheraBand’s.


MUMS/DADS AND BUBS This can help you achieve your best physical health, to support you in looking after your family. You can bring your baby to class and attend to her/his needs, enjoy the company of other new parents and get what you really need – a STRONG CORE!


KIDS CLASSES From as young as 6-18, we run equipment-based Pilates for children, which is excellent to support them as they grow – assists co-ordination, muscle tone, flexibility and posture. A great way to boost confidence and help them feel positive about exercising.

Kids Pilates


BARRE – a low impact, high intensity workout combining the best from standing Pilates work, short cardio intervals and stretches. Great for legs, feet and glutes, abdominals, posture and arms – hard work, but accessible for everybody and all levels of fitness – GREAT fun!


YOGA: Our yoga is suitable for everyone regardless of how you practice -we have small class sizes so can tailor the class to suit you and provide you with options. Yoga is so good for your body, but even better for your mindset – so much more than the poses – come and experience this with us with our high vibe teachers.


MEDITATION This guided meditation class is designed for you to relax and unwind, to tune out and still your body and quiet the “monkey mind”, so you can find peace – to be positive, practise gratitude and mindfulness. To wash off the day, and set intentions moving forward. Meditation is life changing.


NUTRITION We can assist you with all your needs here – from meal planning, pantry makeover, shopping, and cooking, as well as gut health and making healthy food choices – our fully qualified nutritionist can help you. Contact us to arrange this.